Company identity

Cyber hiker is defined by its moral values; our high ethical standards are our pride and a symbol of our company’s identity.

Sustainable growth

Cyber hiker believes in contributing to the health of the society. “Go green” is the motto of the century and we aim to take part in helping build a cleaner and greener planet.

Sustainability is at the core of our company policies and we pledge to stick by it. Our products and our services aim at bringing about a positive change in the environment and in the lives of people.

We take pride in stating that our partners share our commitment for sustainable practices and we go hand in hand in delivering goods that leave minimal carbon footprint.

Trust and responsibility

The corner stone of our business is integrity and loyalty. We practice business in accordance with the highest standard of ethical values. Our employees share our vision and contribute to the growth of the company. Trust and responsibility are the pillars of our company and our customers can vouch for that.

All our dealings are transparent and can stand up to scrutiny any time. The moral strand that binds the company and its associates is well recognized by the consumers.

Charity and social responsibility

We take our social responsibility very seriously and work constantly to nurture and aid the development of the community. We attempt to spread the message that “Health is wealth,” and encourage people to adapt healthier lifestyles.

Zero tolerance to harassment

We believe in the equality of mankind and have zero tolerance to any kind of harassment based on gender, race, sex and language. Any violation of the code will be dealt with strictly and promptly.

Zeal for excellence

Within the realms of moral and ethical practices we strive to excel each day. Through constant innovation and hard work we have ensured that we provide our customers only top quality goods and services. The management and the employees work together as one team and strive excel in every aspect of business.